Broken R Stray and Abandoned Animal Policy:

The Broken R charges $45.oo per day per head for abandoned or stray animals that are on the property.  Animals left on the property for more than 12 hours will receive full round of shots, wormer, and any other required care for the animal's health and well being - to prevent any cross contamination with the farm's existing livestock - the owner will be responsible for all those costs as well. Animals will not be released until all accrued costs have been paid in full. All animals will be photo-ed and all acts of animal cruelty will be documented and reported.

It is the philosophy of the Broken R that all animals deserve a safe home, quality feed, clean fresh water, and care that ensures their optimal health. To animals abandoned or that stray to the Broken R, we extend the same care, feed, and shelter as we do our own. As stewards of this land, and caretakers of its inhabitants, to offer anything less is unthinkable.  All creatures deserved nothing less our best.