At the Broken R we take food and nutrition very seriously.  We have worked hard to reclaim a misused old farm, recycled and re-invented existing structures, and revitalize the land.  We focus on plants and animals that work well with our small acreage and strive to have a balanced ecosystem that leaves the land more enriched with each passing season. 



With the blessings of the good earth, we enjoy a profusion of abundant year-round seasonal rewards from the garden and the land.  We specialize in rare and heirloom varieties and utilize Seeds of Change as our garden organic seed provider. 



Our Chickens enjoy a stress-free lifestyle with lots of free-range time and hand-mixed feeds. In return our small flock of Black Australorps produce an abundance of rich eggs and a proliferation of fine chicks in the spring. 



Our cows live a stress-free lifestyle munching happily on the abundance of the land.