We recruit only the most committed representatives for our public relations team. To represent us, the PR team must really live and breath our Broken R three R's - Reclaim, Reinvent and Revialtize. So to help spread our message, we reclaimed 3 abused horses; helped them to reinvent their trust in humans and allow them to revialtize enthusiasm for rehabilitating rescued animals.

Raiden and Ravi were the first two additions to the PR Team. Both are Arabian/Quarter Horse cross geldings, and were badly abused and neglected in their previous positions. After two years of patience and natural horsemanship, both truly enjoy being our spokesmen and hanging out with humans again.

Belle is our most recent addition to the PR team. She is Palomino/Quarter Horse mare that joined us in October 2008 after having been malnourished and neglected in her previous position. While she has just begun her transformative journey, Bella is a very sweet girl and we know she is a great addition to the family.