Ok, The Broken R has just hit a major mile stone.  After five years of hardwork, the last out building from the previous owner has finally come down.

With the span of time and experiences, I have decided to offer up some tid bits of wisdom and advice for those of you thinking of jumping out of urban life and take on the simple life.  So expect a series of my musings to come out shortly. 

I hope you will read, laugh, and gain some perspective at just how complicated the "Simple Life" can be.

Future Topics:
"Know Yourself"
The Gift Horse
No Grass, No A**, No Cash - No Farm
I raise a bunch of Sh&t!
And more exciting tales from the Broken R

So now I am off to let the critters out for the day, clean pens, and the rest of my chores.

Make everyday your best!
De Anna