Life is what you make it.  At the Broken R, that could not be more true.  Hidden in a small old suburb of Greenville, Tx, we found this old run down homestead .    Since September 15, 2005, the Broken R has been on its own journey of reclamation, reinvention and revitalization impacting not only its inhabitants and its neighbors, but its community as well.



The Broken R farm started out in a condition that was considered uninhabitable.  Years of misuse and abuse from the prior owners had left the property in a condemnable state.  It takes vision and drive to see the potential beauty under the layers of refuse.  Many of our friends and family questioned our sanity at the thought of attempting such a monumental undertaking. 


Three years later, the condemnable has become the commendable.  With the exception of the foundation and the roof, all the renovations have been completed by the two of us.  Peeling back decades of misuse and poor construction, we have rebuilt and reworked this little place. What was once a broken down old farm house has become a simple, comfortable home for us and our guests.


 We have recently acquired the property next door to us.  This small wood-framed house on ½ acre was originally part of the Broken R’s original tract.  This house is in a similar condition to the Broken R.  In 2009, we will begin to reclaim, reinvent and revitalize this property as well.